What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?


Pelvic Health Physical Therapy is a specialized therapy that addresses your pelvic health and wellness such as... bowel, bladder, sexual, and pain complaints by treating the muscles in the pelvis and all the contributing factors from the body.

What to expect at The Pelvic Method

A thorough assessment of the whole body and pelvic floor
An individulized treatment plan with your goals at the core
Hands-on and comprehensive treatments
Comfort and Confidence in your treatment plan

You deserve treatment by the experts with passion. Get to the core today for quick and lasting results. 

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Our Promise

To Meet Your Needs
One on One Appointments
Dedicated to keeping you safe and healthy. Allow for optimal outcomes when YOU ARE THE PRIORITY.
Specialized Practitioners
Receive treatment with some of the #1 recommended therapists in Chattanooga
Individualized Treatment
Figuring out all the puzzle pieces and getting to the core of the problems you are facing.
Your Time Valued
Scheduling should meet your needs. We provide spread out appointments to focus on your healing and reduce the total amounts of visits.
Relaxing Environment
Discussing these issues can be uncomfortable. We strive to provide a stress free, safe, and private treatment room to ensure your comfort in the care you receive.
What We Treat
All Physical Therapy Complaints +

 Specialized Pelvic Health Treatment for

  • Bowel Dysfunction (constipation or leakage) 
  • Bladder Dysfunction (frequency and urgency) 
  • Bladder Leakage/Retention
  • Painful Bladder syndrome/ Intersticial Cystitis 
  • Abdominal pain
  • Pelvic organ prolapse 
  • Diastasis Recti Abdominus
  • Sexual Dysfunction and/or pain
  • Pre and Post Natal Care 
  • Endometriosis pain
  • Orthopedic Pelvic Pain complaints
  • Puedendal Neuralgia  
  • Complaints related to Cancer treatments or surgery 

Breast, Ovarian/Uterine, Prostate, Colon, Bladder

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Putting the focus back on the patient

At The Pelvic Method, you will receive a full 90 minute evaluation and 1 hour follow up sessions 

You always have one-on-one sessions to ensure quality care and meet your goals. 

You deserve a positive, stress-free environment, with tailored treatment plans that address the whole body to provide you with lasting results. 

Let us be that difference in your life.

Get the treatment you deserve.


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Yes, we are Doctor Recommended!
"Has my complete confidence"

Compassionately creates an atmosphere of comfort for those dealing with troubling issues of pelvic floor dysfunction. They use a wide array of therapies to ensure the best possible outcomes. I refer knowing their trustworthiness!

Jeanie D. Dassow MD, FACOG

"Trust with any of my patients, my family and even with my own health"

Every single one of my pateints appreciated the referral. Of note, also able to help my daughter to overcome chronic back pain. I would trust them with any of my patients, my family, and even my own health. 

Shanti Mohling, MD, OB-GYN

What our patients are saying!
"The best investment I've made"

This was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and continues to pay-off long after we finished working together. Very, very grateful and couldn’t recommend her team more.

"My only regret is not going sooner"

Each visit was specific to me and my problems. After a few visits, my pain was significantly better and by the end gone! My only regret is not going sooner. 

"Give them a call, you are worth it!"

Her team goes above and beyond and care about you as a person!! Do not put off taking care of yourself. Give them a call you are worth it!

"This PT should be available to every woman after delivery"

Erin and Rikki were so helpful at getting my body back in shape after delivery. I believe PT should be available to every woman after delivery! Highly recommend!!!

What are you waiting for?
Start GETTING TO THE CORE of your problems today.

Please call or email with questions regarding our services. 

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Email: info@thepelvicmethod.com

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