Can I bring my child(ren)

Yes. We do have some items to help keep your child occupied, however having a plan for them while they are here really helps. We do not want this to be a barrier to your recovery or you getting care. 

In Tennessee, patients have direct access to physical therapy without needing a referral from a physician, midwife, or other health care provider. 
The Pelvic Method PLLC is covered under your physical therapy out of network benefits. We do not specifically contract with any insurance company. 
With this we have found that our patients often reach their goals and graduate from our care after using 60% fewer physical therapy visits than when compared to the national average for traditional model of PT. 

For those interested in understanding their potential level of reimbursement for our PT services, please contact our office at (423)825-9340.

Cancellation Policy

As a small clinic providing one-on-one care, cancellations without sufficient notice can be difficult to rebook.  As a result, 50% of your appointment cost will be applied as a cancellation fee to appointments cancelled with less than 24 business hours notice. If you do not show and do not call you will be charged the full visit cost. Please note that cancellations after 4pm on Friday for Monday appointments does not constitute 24 hours and therefore will be charged the 50% as mentioned above. We understand that things do come up so we ask that you just call the office as soon as you can.