Proper positioning while using the restroom is one step you can take to better pooping experiences. Grab your kids stool by the sink or invest in a handy dandy Squatty Potty! See the attached Squatty Potty Commercial. You’re Welcome.

As discussed in the video working on diaphragmatic breathing into our belly, then having mild tension through the abdomen to create “big belly and then big belly hard” to expel stool. Do not hold breath when bearing down this goes with our breath cycle to empty our bowels.

Stool consistency is especially important for appropriate physiological function of our muscles and colon. Too loose of stool changes absorption within the colon and does not allow for colon to sense urge or appropriately expel bowels with muscle function. Too hard of stools will increase difficulty with emptying creating constipation and significant straining pressures which in turn creates risks of prolapse, diastasis recti, and other pelvic floor dysfunctions. 

What’s a good stool consistency? Glad you asked… See chart attached, we want a level 4.

How do you get appropriate stool consistency? Drinking appropriate amounts of water for your individual needs as recommended along with fiber intake. Here is a great link for figuring out your fiber needs. Everyone is SO different so be patient and experiment what works best for you. Fiber Information is attached but please consult with your healthcare professional and/or nutritionist with probiotics and other supplements that could also be useful for getting your stool consistency where it needs to be. There are so many great things out there for you and you will be happy you did. Having a good poop with complete emptying gives you more than just a satisfying feeling. It helps all your systems including your brain function.    

Happy Pooping!

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