Vaginal weights   What? These exist? Of course they do! But we do not expect you to become the ultimate vaginal weight lifter. We do recommend vaginal weights for strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles and can be very useful in the progression of your strengthening routine with kegels.   Who can use these? Anyone. I personally recommend the intimate rose set or the ben wa balls that you can easily purchase on Amazon or even discretely from the companies themselves.   Why would you use these? Good questions. Most women who experience leakage with running, or jumping this can be beneficial to get you past the initial strengthening and allow for your muscles to take the impact of these activities. Or perhaps you have organ prolapse and need more muscle bulk to support the pressures. Think of what lifting weights helps with our muscles. If we constantly stay at the same weight we did not enhance our strength and instead begin to work with more endurance. Well our muscles need to work on power moves too! So naturally adding weights can help bring us to the point that we may need to succeed in the activities we need and want to get back to.  Does this mean my muscles “down there” will get bigger? Well, yes and no. its not something you will see visibly like you do with your larger “mover muscles”. These are the inner core muscles that help with posture and control of organ functions that do not create movement like the bicep does for the elbow. So not to worry! This is mainly to help with impact activities, prolapse issues, leakage with sneezing and coughing, oh and did I mention orgasms? Yes, the power strength of these muscles help you be able to achieve stronger sensations and orgasms!   Happy weight lifting.    

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